Nick Cannon Filling Shoes For Foxx

nick cannon

It was an unreal moment for all. Earlier this month Nick Cannon announced he will be filling in Jamie Foxx’s shoes for a short period. This is not unknown to the world Jamie Foxx has been going through some medical conditions. His daughter has asked for privacy at the moment. They couldn’t thank them enough for respecting their position at that moment, especially Cannon. Cannon was happy to help his friend. This year Beat Shazam is going to be a different experience for the audience and fans. The notice was released post Foxx’s hospitalization.

Nick Cannon Cannot Take Credit For Helping His Friend

The first episode of Beat Shazam season 6 aired on Tuesday. Nick Cannon made the opening monologue by saying This Is Jamie Foxx’s house. Implying no one can take his place whatsoever. He was joined by Kelly Osbourne. The DJ in the house was taking care of her father at home.

Nick Cannon made a clear-cut statement saying he is honored to be part of the show which Jamie Foxx has hosted for five seasons. Nick Cannon isn’t allowed to make a mistake. Previously Jamie Foxx made 12 million and donated it. Nick Cannon is trying hard to keep Foxx’s legacy. When he asked the fans present how much they wanted him to give away. They shouted back saying One Million dollars.

Kelly Osbourne is also a DJ who is also temporary like Cannon in the house. She is currently filling in for Corrine Foxx. Corrine is currently looking after her father. Jamie Foxx was discharged from the hospital probably a few weeks ago and was advised for bed rest. Kelly and Nick lit the stage on fire. Jamie Foxx personally asked Nick Cannon to host the show. It was an honorable moment in his life.