The New Barbie Margot Robbie

margot robbie

Barbie is hitting the theatres on July 21st. The New trailer went viral after its release. New Barbie Margot Robbie can be seen having fun in Barbie Land. Her boyfriend Ken, played by Ryan Gosling, is having a conversation. The opening monologue was when they are having a conversation. The Warner Brothers picture production and Greta Grewing directed Barbie. The story is based on the same Mattel toys in a pink and cotton candy-colored world.

They had extreme fun while making the movie. They both were aware it was going to break the internet. Exactly what happened. Ryan Gosling enjoyed the attention. He was successful in breaking the internet within hours.

How Perfect Margot Robbie Is, As A Barbie?

After three trailers, now fans have started to accept Margot Robbie as their Barbie. Ryan Gosling is the perfect one for Ken. The final trailer teases that to be a part of Barbie’s world you need to be perfect. You can’t have an existential crisis or you can’t be Ken. People got used to seeing Margot Robbie as Harley Quin. This Barbie is totally the opposite.

Nevertheless, she is an incredible actress. She has blown away fans’ minds. Now they can’t wait to see her on the big screen. The Barbie hitting the theatres on 21st July. Margot Robbie got arrested after punching a man in the face in the movie. She and Ken can be seen discussing the incidents while in custody.

So far Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling enjoyed filming the movie. They cannot wait for the fans’ reaction. Ryan Gosling was asked if he enjoys the attention from fans saying he has broken the internet. He said of course he does. After all these years they have been trying to break him with all the comments.