The Divorce With Kody Brown Couldn’t Shake Meri Brown’s Optimism

meri brown

After ending their 32 years of marriage Meri Brown has been focusing on none but herself. She has been trying to find a purpose in her life apart from being a wife. It did scare her after splitting from Kody Brown. However, she feels it has given her a new purpose in life. Now all she has is herself. She got to prove her worth to herself. Every now and then she shares motivational quotes on Instagram. She kept on inspiring people who are going through the same. Now she is on the conquering fear voyage.

Meri Brown Chasing Dreams

Recently she has been to London on a solo trip. Meri Brown has posted a photo on her Instagram with a big smile on her face. She has captioned her post with something worth reading and motivational. She has been focused on overcoming fear. 

Previously Meri Brown used to share positive quotes online. She has always been optimistic regarding everything. This time things are different given the situation she has been through. She had to end her 32 years of marriage with Kody Brown. Sister Wives brought way too much drama apart from fame into everyone’s life. Whoever was involved.

She is giving advice to all the people out there to dance with fear. In spite of everything one must not chase dreams. If it isn’t scary it isn’t big enough. She had to learn this truth the hard way. In her crowded relationship, she never felt worthy. Kody Brown never appreciated her. She posted a photo on Instagram writing she feels worthy now. Post-breakup glow perhaps. Kody Brown is now only with Robyn Brown. Each one of his wives has walked away from the arrangement of four wives.