The Mother Of Three Jennifer Flavin Expressed Her Concern For The Youngest

jennifer flavin

She is 54 years old and has been nourishing three daughters. Jennifer Flavin has three daughters, the youngest one is 20 years. Scarlet Stallone has just moved out of the house. Now Mom Jennifer’s house feels empty without her daughters around. They are growing up and leaving the nest. It’s painful to watch.

However, she has been supportive from the beginning. She is happy for her and proud of her. Yet things don’t sit right without them. Scarlet moved to New Place and her sisters and mother have been her moving team. She has her upcoming semester and she wants to settle before all the hassle begins.

Jennifer Flavin Having Existential Crisis After Youngest One Moved Out

The family Stallone showcases every bit of the Stallone family drama. All the emotions are unfiltered. They always have liked to keep it transparent. Jennifer Flavin’s oldest one is 26 and then 24 and the youngest is 20 years. Scarlet Stallone has just moved out of the house. Making the nest empty leaving her mom all alone.

All these years she has been busy focusing on her daughters. Now things feel different. She has shared how she loved being a mom. It always gives her pleasure and peace. Now that all of her daughters have gone to make their own life. Jennifer Flavin is now wondering who she is apart from being a mother.

She needs to find her purpose. The only thing she was great at was being a mom. She knew a day would come when she had to accept all these. However she is processing it and finding it hard as usual.

Meanwhile, the father has missed the youngest moving out phase. Perhaps it would have been difficult for him to process. Sylvester Stallone has been busy filming Tulsa King, this couldn’t be a part of moving out. It still hurts him. Like any man, he thought it would be easier. He regrets staying away.