Among All 12 Children, Who Does Nick Cannon give Most Of His Time?

nick cannon
nick cannon

Nick Cannon admitted recently that out of all 12 of his kids, he probably spends the maximum amount of time along with his daughter Onyx who is only eight months old. The 42-year-old host of “Masked Singer” revealed last week on “The Jason Lee Podcast” that he spends at least three full days with his daughter every week. However, he does not share that on social media or in the media because it wasn’t for publicity. 

LaNisha Cole and Cannon are co-parents of a young child, and Cannon claimed that he along with the 41-year-old former model have a deep understanding and respect which gives them a shared space as parents. 

Nick Cannon Has A Room For Baby Onyx At His Workplace

The “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” star continued that he is with his daughter at all times on Friday, Wednesday, and Monday, even when he is working or to fulfill his role as a father while working, Cannon said that he even has a room for his baby in his workplace. He said that he was going to leave there to ensure that he can spend quality time with Onyx. He also said that he can do so much for his daughter only because of the respect that he and her mother share.

Although Nick Cannon and LaNisha now get along well, there recently appeared to be tension between the two when the comic failed to add Onyx when asked to identify all twelve of his kids. Nick Cannon acknowledged his error by saying that he did forget to mention his daughter Onyx on “The Howard Stern Show” on the episode that came out in April. Adding that he had been naming them in order and the host threw him off, guard.