Nick Cannon Respects His Children’s Mother’s 

Nick Cannon
Nick Cannon

The two oldest, twelve years old of Nick Cannon, does not use social media that often. Even Mariah Carey. The mother of two elder ones Monroe and Moroccan are not that much on his social media site. There are significant reasons why they aren’t there. Their mother doesn’t like that. She respects privacy. As a mother of his children, she has every right to oppose. And he as a father respects her decision. He was recently a guest at Jason Lee’s podcast where he shared.

Whose Personality Nick Cannon’s Children Got?

The question every parent goes through throughout their life. Answering them to who their children most relate. It’s hard to tell. Nick Cannon’s former girlfriend and mother of two. Monroe and Moroccan. They are going to step into teenage life soon. Perhaps already possess the qualities of a teenager.

They do not appear much on Nick Cannon’s social media. Why is that? Their mother Mariah Carey doesn’t like that. She is a very private person and respects privacy over anything. Like every cool father. Nick Cannon gives more freedom to Monroe and Moroccan. Their mother does it too.

She is more strict with them, as she should be. They make TikTok videos with both of them. Whereas Nick feels Moroccan has more of his personality. He is funny and he does things that are similar to his father.

Mariah Carey always respects Nick Cannon’s privacy. She checks up on him. According to Nick, she lives in her own world. She never intervenes in his life. She often checks up on him if he is doing okay with his career and life. Given all the children he has. She sometimes gets worried about how he manages them. Mariah Carey is worried about not only her kids but also Nick Cannon with all the growing responsibilities. After all these years, she is seeking custody of those two twelve years old.