The Way Nick Cannon Responds To Being Portrayed As A “Deadbeat Dad”

nick cannon
nick cannon

Nick Cannon, with his twelve children between six women, refuted claims that he wasn’t an involved father.

Nick Cannon claimed to the LA Times on Sunday that he has been villanized. He spoke about how often he has to hear that he cannot be there for all his kids and how he often earns the moniker of “deadbeat dad,” he continued. He further added that to him what meant more was how he made his partners and his children, feel when he was with them instead of focusing on the quantity of time he could spend with them. He believed in quality over quantity.  If one can feel love when together, he believed, the quantity of time did not matter. The 42-year-old recently appointed “Beat Shazam” anchor attributed his large family to his propensity for pleasing others.

The Love Felt Matters More Than The Amount Of Time Together, Says Nick Cannon 

He said that several of his numerous partners voiced concern regarding their biological cycle amid the pandemic outbreak and added that many of them were in the same age range. The “Wild n Out” anchor said each of his girlfriends knew he didn’t want a regular connection before they had children together. He disclosed that he earns $100 million annually.

He stated, adding that he would prefer to be in an honest companionship over being with those who only pretended to be loyal because that was what he believed will be better. Nevertheless, Nick Cannon has bought homes for each of his partners with whom he has children and has stated that there is nothing he could refuse them. In addition, Cannon is a father to daughter Powerful, 2, sons Rise, 7 and Golden, 6, males Zion, 1, and Zillion, 1, along with daughter Beautiful, who he shares with Abby Rosa. In addition, he shares paternity with Bre Tiesi and LaNisha Cole for their children Legendary, 10 months, along with Onyx, 7 months. With Alyssa Scott, he recently welcomed their 4-month-old daughter Halo. Tragically, their 5-month-old baby Zen passed away in 2021 December.