Palm Springs Brings Stimulus Check

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A newly proposed bill for residents in palm springs. From 15th May onwards selected residents will be receiving $800 worth of stimulus checks from the government. This is likely to continue for 18 months. Only selected 30 candidates can claim these checks. They were selected in March this year. The application portal was open for ten days in March.

This is a massive initiative by the queer community. The recipients are free to spend these checks wisely. They are free to spend however they see fit. Not a huge amount again, not a small amount either.

Non-Profit Organization Managed To Sent Out Stimulus Check

Small yet a massive step to help residents. The organization earned Respect from the community. They did what the federal government couldn’t risk. The Organization Queer Works and DAP managed the application process and selected 30 lucky recipients.

This stimulus check will be sent on Monday. Every month for 18 upcoming months. $800 doesn’t seem huge yet it is not comparable to the effort the organization put to make things work. The organization is allowing recipients to spend it freely. In every possible way, they see fit.

How did those thirty people qualify for this program? None of them have an income of less than 30%. The parameter set by the riverside County. Stimulus Check-worthy candidates cannot have an income of more than $16,000 a year. This is equal to 30%. Hence you qualify for the checks. 

To pass the eligibility criteria you must be a permanent palm springs resident. You can claim these stimulus checks if you were once in your life a client of Queer Works organization. Or even if you were a client of DAP health works. Those lucky people will be receiving stimulus checks. They are asked and bound to attend workshops by the Queer community. They will likely take place each month.  The study will be available every six months. Their final data will be published in the winter of 2024.