Alison Holker’s Mother’s Day Post Brought Her Followers To Tears

Alison Holker

It’s her first Mother’s Day since her husband Stephen tWitch Boss. Alison Holker shares three children with him. Things have been hard for her and for the kids since he is gone. This is the first time she is celebrating Mother’s Day without him. Her post brought almost every follower on her list to tears.

Things have changed drastically after losing her husband. Things are different and difficult indeed. Now her world is her three children. She lost her husband to suicide. He was 40 years old when they lost him. Stephen Boss was suffering from depression. He shot himself.

Alison Holker Has Become Over Protective

After losing Stephen tWitch Boss, things haven’t been great for them. Three children have become her world. And Alison Holker needs to protect them at any cost. With Boss’s death, she was shattered into pieces. Alison Holker and Stephen tWitch Boss have three children. The eldest is 14 years old daughter Weslie, son Maddox is 7 and the youngest daughter is 3 years old.

Weslie takes care of her siblings and mother. Alison is proud of her. They are a tight-knit family. Since losing their father, they suddenly grew up. They see their mother as someone who is very strong. Alison Holker said their bond has become different and it’s more deep.

She is giving her kids enough space to be themselves. There is no need for them to feel pressured. They need to grow up as individuals. Therefore Alison Holker being a mother of three at 35 keeps communication intact. The space between them needs to be safe and transparent. So that any type of discomfort they face in their lives they can come directly to their mom first.