New Mom Rebel Wilson’s First Mother’s Day

rebel wilson

Her life drastically changed when welcomed her daughter Royce. Rebel Wilson enjoys every ounce of her motherhood. Minus the poop-cleaning duty. No one likes that. But once you have become a mother everything changes.

She hasn’t posted any photos of her daughter till this Mother’s Day. She used to cover her face. Finally, she disclosed it. Celebrities now Prefer keeping their children away from the media. She and her partner Ramona Agruma welcomed their daughter via surrogacy last November. The lucky kid got two mothers.

Miracle Baby Girl Of Rebel Wilson

While looking for a perfect Disney prince Rebel Wilson found her perfect Disney princesses. She couldn’t be any happier. Last June Rebel Wilson and Ramona Agruma opened up about their relationship on Instagram. After five months they welcomed their baby girl Royce Lilian. 

It was a miracle for them. Back then Rebel shared she cannot wait any longer to give all the love in the world to her daughter. Rebel Wilson struggled with fertility. She was facing trouble one after another. Now she cannot imagine she has a family of her own. She calls Royce, Roycie.

She posted a mother’s photo on Instagram. Wilson and Ramona Agruma with little Royce. The family of three sitting on a couch. Rebel Wilson captioned it in the most hilarious ways possible. She wrote just woke up at 5.30 and changed a lot of dirty diapers for her baby girl.

Royce Lilian seems more excited than her mothers. The five-month-old is wearing a bunny cap and laughing probably. Looking the other way. Wilson shared the photo and a bunch of other new moms showered it with love. People couldn’t stop praising little Royce. Some wrote radiant little soul. Rebel Wilson’s friend Paris Hilton, is also a new mom she wished happy mothers Day and how beautiful Royce looks.