With Matching Pink Outfits, Rebel Wilson Takes In Her Baby Royce’s Very First Ocean Swim Session

Rebel Wilson

Recently, Rebel Wilson and her baby daughter celebrated a significant milestone. The 43-year-old new mother and her 4-month-old baby Royce Lillian are seen relaxing in the sea with the semi-clear water body surrounding the baby and her mama in a tranquil Instagram post from Tuesday. She titled the photo, in which mom and kid are both wearing neon pink swimsuits as Royce, her baby’s first-ever dip in the ocean. A pink sunshade completes Wilson’s ensemble, while Royce dons a cute white hat.

Rebel Wilson as well as her fiance Ramona Agruma, with whom she got linked at Disneyland, share this beautiful little child. The beautiful duo, who made their love public for the first time in June in the year 2022, has a particular connection to Disney. To officiate the news, Rebel Wilson posted a photo of both of them together along with a note that spoke about how she found her Disney princess while thinking she was looking for her Prince Charming. 

Rebel Wilson Cannot Stop Gushing Over Her 4-Month-Old Daughter

Rebel Wilson had somewhat surprised her fans initially by announcing the birth of her first baby only about five months after having come out publicly with her fiancee. When Rebel Wilson appeared on The Pick Up with Britt, Laura, and Mitch last month, she claimed that her pregnancy with her daughter was the result of a little miracle.

In the session, Rebel Wilson said that she genuinely believe it was something miraculous that occurred. After having gone through a lot throughout her several-year quest toward becoming pregnant, she said that she was still in awe. Further added that now that she thinks about it, she feels like she has something very special, almost like an instantaneous family and baby Royce was an amazing gift from heaven; further adding that her baby daughter was such an angel.