Rebel Wilson Has Confirmed Her Engagement To Ramona Agruma

Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson, the star of Pitch Perfect, has finally confirmed her engagement to Ramona Agruma. This was put up as an Instagram caption by the actress/comedian herself, who thanked the official Instagram handle of Tiffany, and Disneyland for making her engagement seem so amazing. The 42-year-old actor also put up several pictures from the intimate event through her Instagram stories.

One of the pictures showed the star holding a ring along with the box, while another showcased her and her fiance celebrating the glorious news at Disneyland. Some of the pictures were also put up by Agruma on her own Instagram. Wilson didn’t share any other details about the proposal, but she had gone on Instagram previously to dispel all the rumors that she and Agruma had been engaged already. At that time, she thanked the people for all the well-wishes, but they were not engaged in the first place. 

Rebel Wilson and Ramona Agruma Are Engaged

Unfortunately, this glorious news was tinged with a little dose of tension. According to Rebel Wilson, her future wife’s family wasn’t really as accepting of the relationship as others were. On the ‘Life Uncut’ podcast, she stated that her whole family had accepted the situation, but Ramona’s family wasn’t really coming around to it.

This made it even more difficult for Ramona to share the news and make it public. Wilson also told Laura Byrne, and Brittany Hockley- the hosts of the podcast, that the relationship was much harder on Agruma- considering she was not usually in the public eye. 

Nevertheless, Rebel Wilson was hoping that things with Ramona’s family would change and their attitude would be a lot more pleasant. The star of Bridesmaids came out in June 2022, and also announced that she was in a relationship with Ramona Agruma.