What should you do if someone else applies for your share of the child tax credit?

child tax credit
child tax credit

Fraudulent individuals may sometimes use the Child Tax Credit scheme to claim your dependant before it’s done by you. If this occurs, several crucial measures must be taken. This article will help you understand the process to assist you restore that credit. People have experienced this when they submit their returns online and discover that their child tax credit has already been claimed by someone else instead of them. There are various scenarios where you might have entered your dependent’s information incorrectly. 

The IRS is only permitted to divulge return evidence if a victim is identified as the principal or secondary payer on the bogus return; under federal privacy regulations, they are not permitted to tell you who billed your dependant. Your child might be the subject of theft of identity if you are unaware of any other individual who might have acquired them. You must take certain actions if you think that your or your child’s identity has been stolen. This is confirmed in the Taxpayer’s Guide to Identity Theft available on the IRS’s official website. Use the ITA on IRS.gov to acquire further in-depth information.

How to Ask For Your Child Tax Credit in 3 easy stages

As soon as you are certain you are qualified to acquire your dependent, you must complete a proper paper return. Create an official tax return, include a claim for your dependant, and send it to the IRS. When the IRS examines your situation and establishes that your child tax credit was falsely claimed by another person, the refund will be postponed. Additionally, you must provide a thorough list of documentation attesting to the fact that the dependent is in your care to demonstrate your right to claim that dependent. Finally, you must respond when contacted by the IRS and obey all reasonable requests.