In Addition To Canceling Another Six Weeks Of His Tour, Morgan Wallen Discloses His Illness

Morgan Wallen
Morgan Wallen

Following a recurrence of his vocal cord injury, Morgan Wallen is postponing six additional weeks of his tour.

The outspoken country singer shared “the terrible news” he learned about after going to the Vanderbilt Voice Centre in Nashville on his Instagram on Tuesday in the late afternoon. He said that the previous week in Florida, he played 3 gigs after having taken a ten-day vocal rest. In the video posted, the singer further added that he felt sick by the 3rd gig and then revealed the confirmed diagnosis of vocal cord damage.

Morgan Wallen To Go On Complete Vocal Rest For Over Six Weeks

Morgan Wallen, 29, claimed he had been told to be on a vocal break for a minimum of 6 weeks and has decided to abide by the advice of his physicians. He clarified the verbal statement by saying that his doctors do not want him to talk at any cost unless there is no other option. The artist also said that while in Australia, he recently disrupted his latissimus dorsi muscle and will be utilizing the break to heal from it as well.

Morgan Wallen told his audience that he along with his crew were trying to reschedule every date of his postponed performances and pledged to keep his fans “updated.”

A native of Tennessee, Morgan Wallen, added that he will also miss Thursday’s ACM Awards ceremony and Wednesday’s ACM’s Lifting Lives party due to the course of therapy he’s chosen to follow.

Morgan Wallen believes he will manage to repay his followers in the upcoming year. He says that if he does this the correct way, he will hundred percent be able to get back. According to him, his physician has additionally warned him that he would permanently harm his voice if he continued to take so much strain without taking care of it.