Angie Harrington Quits “RHOSLC” Following Son’s Autism Diagnosis

Angie Harrington

Angie Harrington, the star of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, has made an announcement detailing her refusal to feature in the show’s fourth season. In the announcement, she also revealed that her son, Hart, who is 4 years old, has been diagnosed as autistic.

A Pressing Concern For Angie Harrington

Angie Harrington, the personality from Bravo TV, had Hart with Christ Harrington, her husband. In an interview with People on May 10th, she said that the couple was confirmed of the developmental disorder of the son in November of last year. The parents had already seen the years pass by and notice that their son had something atypical about him.

Angie recalled the heaviness of the moment when the couple had received the news. However, they also believed that being knowledgeable meant being powerful. That did not stop them from crying, though. At the end of the day, it was not in line with the parent’s dream for their child. However, Angie Harrington recalled the absolute need to empower themselves.

After receiving the news, the Harringtons had given themselves time and space to cope with the news. When they reached the proper headspace, they shared the news with the other family during the holidays. Angie further says that no one ever thinks that it will be their reality. However, she admitted that the people close to them did not feel too surprised by the news either.

41-year-old Angie Harrington explained about Hart being extremely physically advanced even while being a baby. However, the child was not saying the tiny words that are expected to be heard uttered by a 1-year-old. When Hart became 3 years old and after getting enrolled in preschool, Hart would panic whenever the time came for Angie to leave.