Chris Brown Lost Sensibility

chris brown

On his 34th birthday recently, the singer was seen arguing with his mentor and friend Usher.

Chris Brown was engaged in a physical altercation with Usher and Teyana Taylor. Some say he was under the influence of some substance. They were all celebrating Brown’s 34th birthday at Skate Rock City roller rink in Las Vegas. The unfortunate event occurred on Friday.

He raised his hands on Usher. He is a senior, a friend, and a mentor. Who has been beaten by someone so younger, once a student? What led to the physical altercation no one has a clue whatsoever.

Looking Back, Chris Brown Hasn’t Change

Usher and Chris Brown have known each other since 2005. The moment Brown stepped into the industry. Usher has been a great mentor to him. He was the one who taught him the tiny details to keep in mind while performing live.

They have collaborated on various songs. ‘ New Fame’ and ‘ Party’ have gained the highest rank till now. Chris Brown has a history of legal trouble. He was found guilty of one count of felony assault.

His long-time girlfriend Rihanna was the one who pressed charges against him. He pleaded guilty. History repeats itself. Later he again has been aggressive towards his girlfriend for not returning gifts and money after the breakup.

On 5th May Chris Brown turned 34. He was celebrating with his friends including Usher, Teyana Taylor, Mario, and rapper Bow Wow. An insider says Teyana Taylor wasn’t giving much attention to Chris Brown at the party. This tested his patience, these abusive slurs. He was seen yelling at Taylor when Usher tried to calm him down. He got violent towards him as well.

Later that night all of them were again seen outside the rink in the parking lot. Where many witnessed Usher coming out with a bloody nose. Neither Chris Brown nor Usher has commented on it.