Chrissy Teigen Sharing First Photo Of Daughter

Chrissy Teigen

Tuesday saw Chrissy Teigen post a wonderful Instagram picture with the 1st close-up of her baby Esti’s face.

Tuesday, the writer of Cravings posted a picture of her baby Esti Maxine on Insta, displaying the child sleeping in her hands and covered in a grey blanket.

Chrissy Teigen, 37, and her spouse John Legend were parents to son Miles Theodor, four, as well as girls Luna Simone and Esti, all 612 years old. The 2 older siblings cradling their younger sister were seen in the couple’s initial post announcing Esti’s birth.

She said that Daddy is shedding nightly tears as he is enjoying looking at Miles and Luna so filled of love for one another. She said that she is still in the learning stage where she learns about that the baby needs the diapers with a c-section or not. Chrissy Teigen thanked fans for all the love and support and she said that she can feel it all.

Chrissy Teigen Is Sharing The First Photo Of Their Newborn:

At a private show this month, Legend publicly confirmed the arrival of their 2nd daughter, revealing to the crowd as they welcomed “the tiny baby this morning.”

He said that it is a blessed day. He said that he did not get much sleep but he still feels very energized after spending much time in the hospital.

The EGOT recipient posted the identical image on his Instagram page at the moment of Chrissy Teigen’s revelation, adding, that on Friday, they welcomed Esti Maxine Stephen to the family, and their house is bursting with happiness and love.

He then concluded saying that he is awestruck looking at Chrissy Teigen’s strength and her resilience and he is very thrilled how their other kids welcomed the new member of the family.