HGTV Star Christina Hall Celebrates 40th Birthday

Christina Hall

Christina Hall, a popular TV personality welcomes a new decade having turned 40 at her new home in Southern California. The grand birthday party was hosted by her husband, Josh Hall who is an Austin-based realtor. Before it started, Christina took a moment to cherish the last day of her 30s with the crews of the TV Show Christina on the Coast in front of the tapestry on which the “40” balloons were hung. 

Christina Hall Shares The Snippets Of The Celebration

Christina Hall posted this picture on Instagram and captioned that she is overwhelmed with gratitude for having such a great opportunity, friendly team-mates, and overall, a wonderful life. She also shared the photos of her offspring: Taylor, Brayden, and Hudson. She posted a picture of the Waldorf Astoria Monarch Beach resort where she is standing on the veranda with her son and captioned that they were driven out of the house by Josh to arrange something special for her. She also added a fun caption “Not a bad place to be sent to”. 

She also posted the birthday presents that she received from some of the special guests like Julia Gonzales, her hairdresser and makeup artist. She gifted her a pair of cowboy boots, a black hat with “no” inscribed on it, and a black shirt. Her husband surprised her by giving her a brand-new white Aston Martin which was parked outside the property with a red bow on the hood. She posted the picture of the car tagging Josh and thanking him for giving her a marvelous surprise on her birthday. 

Christina Hall also shared a glimpse of the home decor and the food and drinks served at the party on Instagram. She posted a picture of the well-furnished room decorated with balloons, flowers, and yellow lights. She elevated the mode of celebration by sharing a video clip of her opening a bottle of champagne and standing next to her husband. She also posted the footage of her blowing out the candles and cutting the cake which was lovingly held by Josh.