Christina Ricci Mourns Loss Of Beloved Dog: “My Best Friend For 15 Years”

Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci recently suffered the death of her beloved dog, Karen. The Monstrous star posted on Instagram the news and added a loving to her dear dog.

Ricci said that Karen Carpenter, named after the famous 70s singer, was the best little soul she had ever known and called her a lady. She had been Christina Ricci’s best friend for 15 years and many of her friends and acquaintances knew her.

Christina shared a pic of 9-year-old Freddie, her son, as a baby with Karen lying beside him. Christina Ricci wrote that Karen was Freddie’s best friend and also his first-ever friend.

She says that her ‘beautiful little best friend’ was a lady and also the kindest soul she had ever known. She loved people and loved to be among them, she said.

Christina Ricci Says That Karen Preferred The Company Of Humans More

Christina Ricci grew up among pets and loves both cats and dogs equally. She has a cat and three more dogs. The star of Yellowjackets has shared numerous other pictures of Karen down the years and expressed her special affection for the dog. Karen too had clearly shown her love. It shines through in the pictures of Ricci and Karen together.

Christina Ricci says that Karen was with her when she was around 29 years old. She says that Karen will always remain her first baby. As Karen aged, she ensured that she had all the comfort and happiness that she so clearly deserved. Karen also was fiercely protective of Cleo when she was born.

Karen would always be by the baby and allowed the child to pet her. And Freddie allowed the dog to get in bed with him. Christina Ricci says that Karen preferred the company of humans and was not comfortable in the presence of other dogs. Ricci is also a dog mom to three other dogs.