Christine Playing Cards Backwards

christine Kevin Costner

She was supposed to vacate the home within 30 days after filing for divorce. As per the prenuptial agreement. Christine filed for divorce from Kevin Costner on 1st May. Yet she is still living in their home with their kids. Perhaps this is upsetting to Kevin. And he has filed further documentation from the court. 

Her attorney has requested an order. Their statement read the actor precisely trying to kick his ex-wife and three children. They have lived their whole life there since they were born. It would be difficult to adjust quite immediately for them. Kevin Costner’s close friend has mentioned that legal matters were made keeping the children aside.

Christine Is Precisely Supported With  All The Necessities

They cited their divorce status on 11th April. On 1st May, Christine legally filed for divorce. According to Kevin Costner’s close, he has given Christine above and beyond for whatever is necessary. Including he has given her $10,000 for moving purposes. And additionally $30,000 for monthly rent. Their divorce is based on irreconcilable differences. Kevin Costner has filed for joint custody.

She has legal rights over the premarital agreement. This includes property, jewelry pieces, earnings, accumulations, and other miscellaneous. Christine got married to Kevin Costner in 2004. They have filed for divorce after 18 years of marriage. They share three kids, a teenager’s son, and one 13-year-old daughter. Kevin Costner has mentioned this legal agreement has nothing to do with kids. The mention of kicking their kids and Christine out of their homes is non-existent.

Christine was recently spotted outside the Bank of America in California. According to the notice, she has already received $1 million from Costner. He has even tried to provide her with all the necessary means. Even a suitable place for her and the kids to Move.