Collin Gosselin Was Left Hopeless On Being Institutionalized

Collin Gosselin
Collin Gosselin

Leaving institutionalized for a 12-year-old by his mother left Collin Gosselin damaged and in a dark place. Now turned 18, Collin Gosselin shares his experience in a TV interview about how on being sent away, he did learn things about his own self. On Monday, Collin Gosselin confesses to Entertainment Tonight that he had fallen mentally into a dark and forlorn place. He also feels that such mental dark places leave a deeper scar than is of any help.

He continues to say that he was young and was compelled to spend his 13th and also his 14th birthday at that dark place. Gosselin did feel quite hopeless and was left with nothing to expect. The controversy comes in when Kate had expressed Collin’s special needs with a lot of issues in his behavior to be sent away in 2016. Now it is pointed out by Gosselin that being put into confinement of that sort made it next to impossible to shed a light on his tale of the narrative. It was as though people had fed his mouth with their own words and made it difficult for him to reveal truthful answers. Collin Gosselin says that he is glad on being able to finally put his own words out into the public.

Collin Gosselin Opens Up

Collin Gosselin says that writing letters to Jon Gosselin, his father was the only thing that kept him sane and made him believe that someday there would be a way out. Gosselin is now yet to build a proper relationship with his mother Kate. Even before getting institutionalized, he never really had a relationship with his mother and the public eye made it even worse.

Collin had made an appearance in TLC’s reality show of his parents has not yet given up hopes about mending his relationship. He finds the situation unfortunate and expresses his desire like any other son to have a healthy relationship with his mother. He tries to validate his mother’s action not invalidating its wrong consequences. However, Collin Gosselin has been living in 2018 with his father and sister Hannah since his parents got divorced in 2009.