Collin Gosselin Writes A Heartfelt Message

Collin Gosselin

One of the sextuplets of Jon and Kate Gosselin, Collin Gosselin, made a sly jab at his mother during a heartfelt homage to those who helped him graduate from high school.

As they say, “Better late than never!” Collin Gosselin, 19, posted something on Instagram on June 22. Since the majority of students graduate, I wasn’t quite sold on the concept of creating a graduation post. I thus decided to focus more of my essay on my thankfulness for my family, friends, and mentors.

Collin Gosselin continued by expressing gratitude to his sister Hannah, his 46-year-old father, and Jon’s ex-girlfriend Colleen Conrad, but he deliberately left out his mother.

Collin Gosselin Is Grateful

The adolescent continued, “Thank you Dad for always encouraging my choices and standing by me when I try to bite off more than I can chew. “I’d like to thank Colleen for supporting me every day. You picture Colleen as the companion you would most like to have. And as I’ve frequently told her, she serves as my inspiration for achieving success in this world.

The mother of eight disclosed that Collin Gosselin had been taken to a facility to address his behavioral difficulties after Kate, 48, and Jon’s divorce in 2009. Due to Kate missing a court appearance, Jon gained custody of Collin in 2018. Before the meeting, Kate Plus 8 star requested a postponement of the court date; however, her plea was refused. home August 2021, Hannah moved home with her father and brother.

“After being there, I didn’t have an affair with her,” Collin said to Entertainment Tonight in November 2022. “I don’t think we had a great deal of a relationship even before [being] there, and I think that just kept ripping it even more down,” the author said.

Collin acknowledged that his mother and him having grown up watching reality TV contributed to their troubled relationship, but he added, “It would be ideal [to reconcile].”

“I want to think that it was caused by TV and the damage that being in the spotlight has on a family. We were torn apart, he said.  

Regarding his plans, Collin disclosed in his tweet on Thursday that he will be attending Marine Corps training at Parris Island in South Carolina.

He said, “I have nothing against the Army, but the difficulty of the Marine Corps just appealed to me more. After Parris Island, I’ll be attending college to study mechanical and industrial engineering. I cannot wait!”