Conor McGregor Did Not Follow Through On Donation, Claims Dustin Poirier

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This July, Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor are seemingly not heading towards a third fight. However, a start geared towards charity, in January, to the second meeting of the two is possibly the reason behind the failed third one.

Conor McGregor Fights On Twitter

The whole thing began on Sunday when Poirier made a statement on Twitter referencing the prediction made by Conor McGregor on the results of the trilogy. The tweet said that he enjoyed the prediction just as much as an earlier prediction regarding donating to Poirier’s foundation. However, Poirier claimed that Conor McGregor’s team did not respond in January after the conclusion of the fight. As such, he is looking forward to meeting him again.

Conor McGregor did not back down either. His reply said that it was not a debt as it was a donation. He says that his team has been waiting for where the money is going to go which is yet to be sent. He refused to give it until he knew every detail about where the money will be spent, or he fears it would be for naught. He ended by saying that instigating him on the matter proves Conor right about what he thought.

The exchange happened in 2020 when Conor McGregor was hinting at fighting again but not for UFC. As such, he riled Poirier and they agreed to hold a fight with the proceeds going to charity. Eventually, McGregor said that he would donate half a million dollars to Poirier’s charity foundation at the end of their UFC 257 fight in January.

Even though back then Poirier admitted that Conor’s team had begun the process, now though things have taken a turn for the worse. Dustin replied that McGregor’s team failed to answer with regards to how the money would be spent. McGregor replied by calling him a “hillbilly” and “fool” and said that the 10th July fight will not be taking place.

The fight is yet to be made official although contracts have been reportedly signed.