Courtney Stodden Has Asked Marilyn Monroe Fans To Completely Boycott Blonde

courtney stodden

Courtney Stodden seems to be the latest celebrity that has joined in on the bandwagon of Marilyn Monroe fans bashing the movie ‘Blonde’ for how it portrayed Monroe. The 28-year-old singer, famous for their song ‘Boy Destroyer’, stated that she will not be watching the movie. This was mentioned exclusively to Page Six during the premiere of Drag: The Musical in Los Angeles at the Bourbon Room Hollywood.

Stodden clarified that she understood how it felt to be sexualized in this industry and subsequently exploited. She also knew how it felt to be mocked later due to the past. And she believes that diving into Monroe’s life like that would be a little disrespectful.

Courtney Stodden Will Not Watch Blonde- Page Six Reports

Despite Courtney Stodden’s misgivings, Blonde- directed by Andrew Dominik and starring Ana de Armas as Monrow- did soar to the top of the movie charts after it saw a worldwide release on Netflix last weekend. But fans of the star believe that this movie is cruel and quite entrenched in misogyny- which doesn’t truly portray Marilyn Monroe.

Manohla Dargis, the film critic for the New York Times, ranted that with all the horrors and indignities that Monroe had to endure over the course of 36 years, it was quite a relief that she didn’t have to sit through Blonde and see it again on the screen. To Dargis, this movie was a necrophiliac experiment to exploit the Hollywood icon. 

For those who are wondering about this movie, Blonde actually takes a lot of inspiration from the novel ‘Blonde’ by Joyce Carol Oates. This is a largely fictional take on the life of Monroe and also discusses the steady succession of tragedies that she experienced in her life. This also takes into account the childhood abuse, as well as the sexual exploitation, that ultimately led to her death at the age of 36. And Courtney Stodden thinks that is quite disrespectful to her memory.