Courtney Love Reveals Johnny Depp Revived Her Following An Overdose

courtney love

Courtney Love posted a series of videos last Saturday detailing how Johnny Depp once came to her rescue outside the Viper Room nightclub in 1995. She was on her friend’s Instagram account to recall an incident over a quarter-century back when the Pirates of the Caribbean star revived her following an overdose outside the iconic nightclub.

The 57-year-old star revealed that while she did not want to make public judgments, she felt that she ought to reveal that Depp administered cardiopulmonary resuscitation on her in 1995 as she collapsed outside The Viper Room following a drug overdose. She recalls that the lifesaving technique saved her.

The Incident Immediately After Courtney Love’s Husband Kurt Cobain Shot Himself

The incident took place immediately after Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love’s husband shot himself. Love also spoke of how Depp was supportive of 3-year-old Frances, her daughter, during those difficult times when she was in the care of social workers.

She revealed that while she was addicted to crack, an intense form of cocaine, Depp wrote her daughter a 4-page letter, which she never showed her mother.

Courtney Love revealed that he even sent limousines to Frances’ schools and took her and her school friends to see ­Pirates… she says that Depp did this several times. He even gave her a reserved seat for the premiere that had her name imprinted.  

She says that while she never saw one of the Pirate movies, her daughter loved them. Frances once told her mother at the age of thirteen that Depp saved her life.

Courtney said that while she was taking sides in the acrimonious case that Depp was fighting, she also felt empathy for Amber Heard. She said that she knew what it was to be the most reviled woman in the country, as she has herself gone through the ordeal. She said that Heard was abusing the concept of feminism and that justice needs to be served.