Metaverse Has A Huge Role To Play In Keeping Fashion Luxurious


It should come as no surprise to someone that most of the fashion empires throughout the world have been taking a keen interest in the crypto, as well as the metaverse. Several companies like Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Tiffany & Co., and Philipp Plein have started making their own way through the digital runway.

The Fashion Week, which took place at the Metaverse of Decentraland did hint largely at a new wave of fashion, while Philipp Plein managed to bring in NFTs and this whole new universe into his store in London. The highly innovative technology that is at play here would get mixed with conventional fashion- which one would consider to be predictable, but there is always room for development. 

Metaverse Could Be Pushing The Fashion Industry In A New Direction

Ever since Neal Stephenson talked about the Metaverse in ‘Snow Crash’, the promise of such a universe has convinced a lot of people to pay pretty millions to purchase land in the virtual sphere. So, why should fashion not be a part of it? After all, the fashion industry has always been looking towards developing their brands, and if taking recourse to the virtual world gives them that edge- they would be taking it with both hands. 

One can understand why some people would be a little apprehensive of the Metaverse. For, this universe completely removes the tangible aspect of fashion that has been captivating people for the last 100 years. But on the other hand, they get to experience using and wearing gorgeous pieces on a digitized avatar.

The CEO of Trace Network Labs, Lokesh Rao, went on record to state that a digital avatar would be the best mannequin to put on any dress- irrespective of the design, the size, the type, or the usage.