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Daniella Monet Has Married Andrew Gardner After 5-Year Engagement

Daniella Monet, the 33-year-old alum of the hit TV show Victorious, revealed in a whole chain of Instagram posts last Friday that she had married Andrew Gardner, her longtime lover, on Thursday. As it turns out, the couple had been engaged for 5 years and had been dating for more than a decade.

Her Instagram post saw her posting three simply b/w photos, which the actress captioned with ‘12’, ‘29’, and ‘22’, which signified her December 29 wedding date. In the images, the bride and the groom showed off their rings, and they also put up pictures of enjoying themselves during the whole ceremony and sharing a kiss in an elevator. 

Daniella Monet of Victorious Is Finally Married

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Daniella Monet later put up a video on her Instagram story, where she showed her fans that she had changed the phone contact info of her newly-wed partner from ‘My Baby’ to ‘Husband’. Gardner and Monet had gotten engaged on the 25th of December, 2017, after they had dated each other for six years straight.

Gardner had popped the question after carving it on a tree just outside their home in Studio City, California. Speaking to PEOPLE after her engagement, Money stated that the ring was too beautiful, and she was absolutely elated. The couple also became parents to a son Gio James, in 2019, and then welcomed their daughter Ivry, in 2021. 

In September, Daniella Monet paid a tribute to Andrew Gardner in a heartfelt post on Instagram. She spoke about how they had started dating 11 years ago, and couldn’t believe that things had turned out to be so magical between them. She ended the post by jocularly asking him about the number of coffees that they have had together over the years. 

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