Dave Chappelle Performs Live

Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle is one of the biggest names in the comedy industry at the moment. Dave is well known for his quick-witted comedy and sense of humor. However, the comedian has been involved in some huge controversies recently. Dave made some obscene remarks in one of the episodes of his popular Netflix show. The remarks seemed to offend the LGBTQ community significantly. The situation escalated to a point where the Netflix employees called for a walkout and demanded the boycotting of the comedian.

Soon after this, Dave was attacked on stage by an intruder with a knife. All these incidents made Dave take some time off from live performances. Chappelle was scheduled to perform live in Minneapolis recently. However, First Avenue canceled the event all of a sudden, and Chappelle had to perform at the Varsity Theatre. However, the comedian surprised all his fans recently by appearing live on stage at the Madison Square Garden.

He performed for a duration of more than twenty minutes to commence the set for Kevin Hart and Chris Rock. According to the news from live audiences, Dave Chappelle returned to the stage once again after the performance of Hart and Rock was done. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Dave Chappelle Entertains Crowd 

Dave Chappelle was seen doing what he does best- entertaining the crowd. The comedian appeared for a live performance after a long break. He returned to the stage for his second stint where he bantered with both Kevin Hart and Chris Rock in a friendly way. 

The topic of their banter was about who was the greatest comedian among the three. The crowd thoroughly enjoyed the performance and had a good laugh.