Depp-Heard Case Juror Says That The Actress Left Them Feeling ‘Uncomfortable’


One of the jurors in the infamous Depp-Heard case said that her actions made them ‘uncomfortable’ and also convinced them that her tears were false. In a ruling this month, the 36-year-old star was found by the jury to have falsely defamed Johnny Depp, her ex-husband.

The juror, who preferred to remain anonymous, said that most members at the Depp-Heard trial felt that she was the aggressor and said that much of what she said did not add up and appeared to be false.

The juror at the Depp-Heard trial said that she would reply to a question and then abruptly break into tears before going ice-cold again. The juror said that they used the term ‘crocodile tears’ to refer to her.

The juror believes that Johnny Depp appeared much more emotionally stable when he took the stand. His statements appeared more believable, and he seemed more aware of the situation and awake to the way he answered the question posed during the Depp-Heard trial.

Juror At Depp-Heard Trial Said That Both Had Been Abusive To One Another

The juror said that he did not believe that Johnny Depp was totally blameless. He said that the truth lay somewhere in between, and they had both been abusive to one another.

He said that it doesn’t make either of the two fully right or wrong. Though when it came to her allegations and claims during the Depp-Heard trial, she had little evidence to back them.

The juror said that Depp’s legal team was sharper and Heard’s team was frequently and abruptly interrupted.

After the trial, Amber Heard alleged that social media had been unfair towards her and did not make a fair depiction of her during the Depp-Heard trial. The jurors have insisted that social media opinion did not influence them in any way. The juror said that he and two other jurors were not on social media and the other made it a point not to be influenced by it.