Derek Hough Hails Wife’s Situation Is A Miracle

Derek Hough

Derek Hough recently updated his followers on the condition of Hayley Erbert, his wife, following an “emergency craniectomy”. The 38-year-old judge of Dancing with the Stars explained that his wife’s recovery is a pure miracle. He gave the update via a post on his Instagram profile. However, Hough added that although Hayley’s progress is well, his wife still has quite a bit further to go till she has completely recovered.

Derek Hough’s Wife Survived A Tremendous Ordeal

29-year-old Erbert is going to require one more surgery that is scheduled for the upcoming weeks. Derek Hough explained that will involve the implantation of a skull. He further detailed that the new implant would be a replacement for the skull component that had to be removed as part of the craniectomy. Hough wrote that the second surgery sought to restore his wife’s skull to its natural shape and let it perform the function of preventing the brain from getting injured.

Derek Hough, the popular personality on TV, gave his gratitude to his fans and followers for their continuing support. He explained that the previous week had been challenging for the two as they faced a sudden event that threatened one of their lives. It was a fearful and uncertain period, as they had to transition from living their dreams onstage to living a nightmare in a short moment. However, following the recent update, Erbert and Hough are now living with relief and hope.

Hough then went on to explain that the medical event served to be an extreme reminder to the two about the fragility of life, and the spontaneity of change. However, it has also shown them their incredible inner resilience and strength, as well as the power that a supportive community can provide them with.