Derek Jeter Is The Ultimate Girl Dad To Get Manicure From Her Daughters

Derek Jeter
Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter’s young daughters gave him a manicure on Wednesday while charmingly imitating them.

The 48-year-old retired baseball player posted a cute photo of the adorable occasion to his Instagram account, in which Bella, 4, and Story, 3, painted his nails as he made a silly face for the camera.

He captioned the picture with four letters, “HELP!!!” was his response.

The photograph also showed River Rose, Jeter’s 8-month-old daughter, sitting by the athlete’s feet.

Jeter earlier remarked that his wife Hannah and their three children under the age of five have revealed “a whole different side” of him.

In an interview earlier with Extra, Derek Jeter shared how his mornings are now early to get his daughters up. He has to drop and pick them up at and from school. Derek then shared that they have their tennis, ballet, and more. He says that her daughters are painting his nails and putting makeup on his face. So, he is discovering a whole new side in this fatherhood journey.

Derek Jeter Is The Girl Dad Netizens Thought Did Not Existed: 

The professional slugger also added that there were times when he was very selfish in becoming a father. He said that when he played, he had all the respect in the world for his colleagues who had families and also played simultaneously. He said that he was selfish at that time.

Derek Jeter explained that back then, all he could think of was his career and how he couldn’t do it. However, as of now, things have changed. He says coming home to his beautiful daughters makes him very happy.

Derek Jetter married Hannah in 2016 and celebrated their half-yearly wedding anniversary that July.