Diana Jenkins Announces Pregnancy

Diana Jenkins

Diana Jenkins, the former model, and entrepreneur who was once listed as one of Britain’s richest women is pregnant with her baby.

So, Diana Jenkins is pregnant. In a recent interview with PEOPLE Magazine, she announced that she’s expecting a baby with Asher Monroe.

“I am having a baby!” Jenkins told PEOPLE. “We are really excited.”

She also opened up about her decision to skip out on the PCAs this year because of her pregnancy. “I was very nervous at first [about coming back] but now I feel like it’s my time,” she said of returning to the red carpet after her stint on Celebrity Big Brother last year. “It feels good to be back at work and have something new happening in my life right now.”

Diana Jenkins Happy To Be A Mother

Roger Jenkins, the financier and ex-husband of former model Diana Jenkins, has a net worth of $1 billion. According to CNBC’s list of billionaires, he is #637 on the list. He is also a philanthropist and founder of the Endowment for Bosnia & Herzegovina charity group.

Diana Jenkins starred in the reality show “New Money” with her twin sister Danielle and mother Carolyn Smith (who was once married to Samuel L Jackson). The three women were reportedly paid $100,000 each to star in their own reality series that followed their daily lives as socialites living in New York City.

Diana Jenkins announced her pregnancy on Instagram earlier this month. The 51-year-old singer revealed that she was expecting a baby girl with husband Eric Benet, who got married to the actress in 1996.

According to People magazine, the couple have been trying to have a baby since at least October 2015 when Diana took a break from her music career for several months due to health reasons.

It’s easy to see why Jenkins would want to keep her pregnancy a secret: she’s already had two miscarriages, and this is her third pregnancy. She was also on bed rest during the first two pregnancies due to some serious complications with her cervix, so it makes sense that she would want some time off before being back in front of cameras again.