Diana Jenkins Sorry For Recent Comments

Diana Jenkins

Diana Jenkins is one of the most popular faces in American entertainment history. She is cited as one of the most promising upcoming young talents in Hollywood. She has recently come into prominence by appearing in the popular reality show, “Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills”. Unfortunately, Diana has been involved in a huge controversy. She has recently made a comment that has been termed racially inappropriate. Diana commented about a woman who is black in origin. The woman runs a fan account of Bravo. Jenkins commented on one of the posts stating that being a black content creator was not that great. This enraged most of the people and Jenkins was heavily criticized. Her comment immediately went viral and Bravo fans took turns lashing out at the star contestant of the television show.

Most of the audience termed her comment as distasteful and insulting. They asked the team of Bravo to look into the matter and requested them to take the necessary steps. Another person commented that Diana Jenkins sounded extremely racist and needed to have a check on her words. The audience became so much angry that they even tagged the head of operations of the Real Housewives series. However, Jenkins was quick to realize her mistake and issued an apology. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Diana Jenkins Damage Controls Racist Remarks

Diana Jenkins has found herself in deep waters after her racist comments against a Black Woman. However, Diana has issued an immediate apology and has stated that her comment was misinterpreted. 

Diana Jenkins said that by Black Content Creator she referred to shady content. Diana stated that she did not have a clue about the fact that the term referred to a black woman.