Dick Van Dyke All Praise For Arelene: Pours Forth His Love For His Wife

Dick van Dyke

The time-defying partnership between CBS and Dick Van Dyke finally culminated with a star-studded honor celebrating the illustrious life and works of the star of Mary Poppins as he celebrated his birthday.

The 2-hour special on Van Dyke was to celebrate the decades of magic that he has brought to the silver screen. In the tribute the fabulous performer gushed over Arlene Silver, complimenting her on her movie star looks. The clip was taken backstage during the CBS special taping that is to air later in December.

The clip was shared by Laura Johansen, Dick Van Dyke’s personal photographer, on social media. Van Dyke birthday is on Wednesday, December 13. The soon-to-be-98-year-old performer was decked in a gown with a matching cape for the shoot. He was all smiles as he sat in the dressing room.

Dick Van Dyke remarked on his wife’s legendary looks and remarked that he had seen her first. In a second video on Dick Van Dyke that was posted Friday, the famous singer, dancer, and actor gave a glimpse of his performance from some of the old moves. He regaled the audience with a quick backstage performance using his stock as a prop.

Dick Van Dyke First Met Arlene In 2007

Dick Van Dyke is seen in an old-style sidestepping number, all the while his flashing smile stayed in place. It was all a part of his opening number on the Dick Van Dyke show. Van Dyke’s caption read ‘Just keep moving.’ It has always been the secret mantra for the effervescent performer.

Arlene and Dick Van Dyke first met in 2007 at the 13th SAG Awards, where she was a makeup artist. She remembers Van Dyke introducing himself at the dinner table. They immediately got along famously. But their friendship did not blossom into romance until much later. Arlene admitted in a 2013 interview with Huffington Post that she wasn’t too acquainted with the work of the acclaimed singer and actor. All she knew was that he was there in Mary Poppins.