Digital marketing – a miniguide for beginners

Digital Marketing Strategies by Ahmed Sobhy
Digital Marketing Strategies by Ahmed Sobhy

If you have currently started your own business, then you might be currently juggling many different tasks at the same time. Being the boss and the person taking care of every detail in the company can be rather challenging and overwhelming. Suddenly there are a lot of new things to learn, which might also include the marketing part.

Digital marketing is extremely important to focus on when it comes to getting your startup out there in the world. Not everybody knows about how this works and that’s why it’s important to learn a bit about digital marketing. If you have a spare moment, then it might be useful to read this mini guide. Then you can continue with other work tasks, watching tv, or maybe checking out the Cardinals odds.

Branding your business online

There are several areas involved when we’re talking about digital marketing. Once upon a time, marketing was seen as advertisements in newspapers, on boards, and on flyers. Now a lot of the advertisements are online on different platforms. People spend a lot of time there every single day and that is of course, why the marketing should be targeting possible customers online. Some of the platforms include social media as well as search engines.

So-Me and why it makes sense to do branding there

A lot of people are daily using social media like Facebook and Instagram, and these are great platforms to do marketing on. The benefits of advertising on Facebook are many and you also have the possibility of checking analytics for your content there. Another great thing about branding yourself on different social media platforms is the possibility of interactions with the customers. Having a company page and being able to communicate with both interested people as well as new and old customers makes it more personal. And people like that.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

This part in terms of digital marketing is very important. SEO has something to do with how people find you on the search engines online. If your company website is on page 3+ on the search engines, it’s harder for you to be found by possible customers. What you want is to be found on the first page. Several things are a part of getting there. Keywords, website layout/content, page speed, and many other things impact how your ranks are on search engines.