Who Is Going To Get Double The Social Security Benefit In December?

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The SSA is in the process of distributing payments for November and is getting ready to issue December’s installments. This procedure will be a little trickier the next month as certain recipients will get two payments in December—one at the start and one after the month. 

Who Does The Social Security Send Two Checks To In December?

In December, beneficiaries of Social Security will get two payments. Generally, SSI payments are distributed on the first of each month, except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. The inaugural day of December will see the Social Security issue SSI benefits following the schedule provided. A second payment is also scheduled to be made on Friday, 29th December. The SSI reimbursement will be postponed and issued on 29th December 2023, as 1st January 2024, is a holiday. It is significant to note that this payment, being the first for 2024, will include an increase to reflect the COLA. The 2024 COLA, as determined by the SSA, is 3.2%. As a result, recipients of SSI and Social Security will see the rise included in their payments.

For the next year, the SSA has declared a rise in SSI benefits. People will now earn $943 per month instead of the prior $914. In 2024, a couple will get $1,415 a month. If beneficiaries have given the SSA the details for their bank account, they will be able to get their SSI benefits by direct deposit. Payments can also be delivered via mail, albeit it can take longer for them to reach their destination. To allow for extra delivery time, the SSA suggests waiting a week before calling them if your payment is not received on the scheduled date.