Douyin: The Chinese Version Of TikTok Just Reached The 600 Million Active Daily Users Milestone


TikTok’s Chinese version named Douyin just hit the 600 million active daily users in the previous month as announced by the parent company ByteDance on Tuesday.

We’re aware of TikTok’s popularity already. The short videos on TikTok went viral within seconds and it became the target of marketers for promoting their content. This highly sought-after social media platform has gained global recognition after its massive boom in the US and other nations as well. Now the Chinese version of it has crossed another milestone to become an app used by 600 million users on a daily basis.

ByteDance On TikTok And Douyin’s Popularity

Being the parent company for both Douyin and TikTok, which is the international version of it, ByteDance made some specific announcements on Tuesday. Owing to the massive popularity of both the platforms, more than 22 millions creators in the past year made over 41.7 billion yuan, that is $6.15 billion.

Kelly Zhang, the CEO of ByteDance China stated at the Douyin Creator Conference that the company has plans to make investments in traffic resources worth over 10 billion yuan. With this aim the tech-giant hopes to increase its creators’ income to 80 billion yuan within the next year. Since both TikTok and Douyin hit it off right after its launch in the global market as well as in China, the Chinese tech company considers both these as their most valuable assets.

The international version TikTok, had reportedly reached 700 million active daily users back in July with over 2 billion global downloads from the app. These figures clearly tell us about the popularity of this short-video sharing app across the world considering the short span within which it has reached that popularity.

Both the apps share similar core functions, that is the ability to make videos 60 seconds long and share these videos with special music and extra effects available within the app.

TikTok Or Douyin: Check Out Both Features

Even though the function of both these apps are similar, Douyin has a few more features that are missing in TikTok. These features mentioned in a February report from Gartner, a research firm, include e-commerce, detailed homepage, official set up useful for sponsored challenges and accounts, features to upload full-length films, live streaming, etc. Some of these features present in Douyin are still being tested by TikTok before making it available there.

TikTok is also facing several other issues in the international market. TikTok had reached massive user figures in India before it was banned in that country on grounds of national security. Other regulatory issues in the USA are also holding back the international popularity growth of this app.

On Sunday, ByteDance dropped Microsoft’s bid to take over the US operations of TikTok. Instead, it welcomed Oracle to manage TikTok’s overseas business.