Dove Cameron Shares Teary-Eyed Photos And Talks About Battling Depression And Dysmorphia

Dove Cameron

Dove Cameron wants people to know that she has two distinct personalities.

There’s Dove, the actress-singer-songwriter best known to Dove fans as the fluttering voice behind “Boyfriend,” the TikTok-favorite LGBTQ hymn that unexpectedly entered the Billboard Hot 100’s Top 40 earlier this year.

But there’s also the Dove Cameron who only she will ever truly know – a version of herself with whom she’s now at odds. The 26-year-old ex Disney channel actress confessed she’s been battling depression and dysphoria surrounding her public vs. personal identity in an emotional Instagram post on Wednesday (May 18). The Schmigadoon! actress also shared images of a more in-depth explanation she penned about her experiences. 

Dove Cameron Opened Up About Her Sexuality Recently

Dove Cameron, who recently came out as queer, went on to claim that “sexuality and performative gender standards, social incentives, and identity are really sending me for a loop,” adding that she has been “covering mirrors” and “feeling terrible in apparel that used to make me feel beautiful.” She believes that social media, mirrors, branding, and other methods of “broadcasting” our life for others to view are “not optimum for mental health, energy clarity, or connectedness to our inner world,” she added. “This is a contemporary issue that was not created with human needs in mind.”

Dove Cameron’s LGBTQ identity has been highlighted since the social media and streaming popularity of “Lover,” an orchestral-padded track in which the protagonist fantasizes about snatching another lady away from her boyfriend after she spent much of her career is seen as a straight woman. However, parts of her latest essay suggest that coming out about her sexuality has been more challenging than she anticipated.