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Saturday, July 2, 2022

YouTube Rolls Out Activity Graph For All Videos

YouTube’s rolling out a new video activity graph to all videos, which will display the most engaging moments within each upload, based on when users are replaying segments.

Initially previewed last October, and launched to selected creators, the graph will help users find the most relevant sections of every clip.

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As per the platform:

“The peaks of the graph indicate the parts of the video that have been most replayed, and the graph will only appear if the user starts seeking. We found in our experiments that viewers love this feature, with 85% of users liking the option.”

YouTube’s Initiative Will Benefit Creators

That could be particularly helpful for longer videos, or tutorials that take a while to get to the point. If you’re stuck on a specific element that you need help with, it’s likely that others are too, and that’ll likely be the point of the clip with the highest engagement, making it easy to skip through and locate.

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Though from a creator’s perspective, it could also impact watch time, with users now given a new way to skim through and find specific elements of each clip. Various creators have raised this concern since the beginning of the test, and YouTube says that, in its experiments, the presence of the video graph didn’t reduce watch time. So far at least.

It could be worth keeping an eye on your stats as more users get access to this feature.

YouTube’s also rolling out support for video chapters to smart TVs and gaming consoles, providing another way for people to find specific sections in clips.

On another front, YouTube also added a new tool in YouTube Studio which enables creators to see which auto-translated captions are used most on their clips.

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