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Saturday, July 2, 2022

Twitter Launches New Campaign For Spaces

Twitter is determined to continue pushing Spaces as a key connection tool, in an effort to make it a bigger part of the experience.

The latest on this front is a new ad campaign for Spaces – which I’m not sure really sells the option as it would hope.

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As you can see, Twitter’s trying to showcase the value of Spaces and audio discussion in the app. And certainly, the Spaces topics that it highlights here are fairly dominant – tap over to the Spaces tab right now and you’ll find any number of Spaces on NFTs, ‘shower thoughts’, and the like.

Twitter’s Spaces Isn’t Catching On

The problem is, that’s also part of the reason why Spaces isn’t catching on, because most of these discussions are fairly niche, and the algorithm is still not great at highlighting the most valuable and interesting discussions to each individual user.

Which, of course, is hard to do. With the discussions happening live, they essentially can’t be moderated and categorized ahead of time – though Twitter has added topic tags to help in this respect.

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But a bigger challenge could be that Twitter doesn’t want to recommend Spaces that could be problematic. If you were to go to the Spaces tab and find a top Space that Twitter had highlighted, and that Spaced ended up being, say, a disguised chat about QAnon, the backlash could be significant.

This is just one of the many challenges of live-stream content, which was once again underlined earlier this week when a Twitch user streamed himself on a shooting spree in Buffalo.

Facebook found the same with its live map feature, which it eventually shut down – when you’re promoting live-stream content, you’re also running the risk that you’ll be promoting harmful material as well, which, again, is an unavoidable element of the live experience.

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