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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Drake Throws His Son An Amazing Birthday Party

Both Drake and Sophie Brussaux’s families gathered together to commemorate the birth of their son.

This past Tuesday, the rapper shared a picture collage on Instagram commemorating his son Adonis’s “Super Adonis” styled birthday party, which was held, presumably, in an arcade.

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The 35-year-old “God’s Plan” rapper said in the picture caption, “Happy 5th to my twin.”

Drake Calls Adonis His Twin

At the party, the freshly turned five-year-old could be seen shooting hoops, racing cars and motorcycles, and even posing with a Spider-Man impostor. Drake also posted a picture of Adonis and Brussaux acting out a Spider-Man pose, while another shows him filming the action with a camera. To mark her son’s milestone birthday, the 33-year-old painter showed Adonis some of her images, including those taken during the party.

And Brussaux said, “We have done a tremendous job,” mentioning Drake specifically.

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The adorable pictures show Adonis doing things like embracing a dog and eating ice cream, as well as taking selfies with his mother. Adonis, barely 5 years old, has several different passions already. In May, Brussaux wrote about a touching occasion when she and her son tried their hand at painting.

The painter posted a sweet photo of her and Adonis practicing their painting at the moment. While Adonis, with a black shirt and head wrap, worked on some impressive abstract paintings, Brussaux made progress on a portrait.

One month later, the mother and kid posed for a picture together while wearing their karate garb. While Adonis wore a white shirt and black trousers, Brussaux wore an all-black ensemble with a white belt. Drake is in Toronto, but he and Brussaux get along well enough to co-parent their son, Adonis, who resides in France. Brussaux often travels to the United States with Adonis.

The 2021 album Certified Lover Boy has a reference to Drake’s co-parenting arrangement with Brussaux.

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