Drake Reveals That His Son Adonis Created The Cover Of His Album For His Next Record


The album’s cover art, which was made by Drake’s kid Adonis Graham, 5, has now been made public. 36-year-old Drake captioned a photo on Monday via Instagram with the phrase “FOR ALL THE DOGS.” “Cover by Adonis,” the musician based in Toronto emphasized.

The “One Dance” artist included a drawing of his son that showed what looked like a dog with four legs and two ears. The creature had a white body and crimson eyes. It was visible against a pitch-black backdrop. Adonis had spent the summer holidays with his dad and has recently made several public appearances, such as at a performance and via social media. 

Drake Jokingly Warns Audience Against Throwing Bras On Stage 

The Grammy-winning musician surprised his KF audience when he took the platform with a brief disclaimer. Drake invited the attendees to the night’s celebrations, “Y’all keep your bras on,” before explaining his particular request. In a fan-shot video, Drake stated that if he were being honest, he couldn’t talk about “titties” that night in Los Angeles. since his son would be at his concert for the very first time. They needed to keep the show PG tonight, he continued. Keep their lingeries on, he said to everyone. Put them up there one more night. As soon as the crowd realized Adonis was there, they erupted in excitement.

He made fun of the fact that he didn’t have any lingeries on stage for the first time in another video taken by his audience at a show in Montreal. Drake also uploaded a video of his kid grooving out to his song “Rich Flex” with 21 Savage a few days after Adonis saw the performance at the KF. The rapper from “Search & Rescue” displayed his son’s creative side in the video.