Dwayne Johnson Has Surprised His Mother With A Completely New House

dwayne johnson

Recently, Dwayne Johnson surprised his mother Ata Johnson with a brand-new house- and also uploaded a series of videos on Instagram documenting that. One of the clips captured the 73-year-old mother of the celebrity, as she was approaching the threshold before she walked through the front doors of her home for the first time. The video was nicely surrounded by a swooning cover of Over The Rainbow by late Hawaiian singer Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. Interestingly, there was also a sign that hung over the entrance- which read ‘Le Samoana’- which could be a nod to his mother’s Samoan ancestry. 

Dwayne Johnson Bought A House For His Mom

The video had a touching caption which Dwayne Johnson personalized himself- stating that he used to hate it when his mother wept when he was a child. But now that he had the opportunity to change that- he would gladly have her tears of joy. Interestingly, the entire house took eight weeks of design from him and his team.

He went on, stating that he had been fortunate enough to purchase quite a few houses for his mother over the last few years- but he also mentioned that this was supposed to be the most special one. His mother had informed him that after traveling for the last few years- she wanted a final house- which would be her dream. 

After this, Dwayne Johnson also gave his mother a tour of the entire house- while carefully pointing out a couple of aspects with respect to its interior decor. In one, his mom entered a room that had her collection of vintage ukuleles which were mounted up on a wall. He had also carefully curated a lot of pictures on the walls that were pictures of ancestors that he had unearthed- ones that she hadn’t seen since she was a little girl growing up in Samoa. 

The last room was apparently the favorite of Dwayne Johnson’s mom. In this room, she had every single memorabilia that the Rock ever owned- or used in his professions over the years.