Are You Eligible For The $500 Stimulus Check Payments?

Stimulus Checks

According to a report from the Treasury Department, the United States currently has a pot worth $5 million from which a large section of the population could be receiving a sum of $500 as a stimulus check payment. This will be taking place in the state of Missouri- especially in the town of St. Louis.

These payments will be specifically directed toward those families that have a low income. The Mayor of the town, Tishuara Jones was the first individual to announce this last Thursday, where she stated that the city already had plans of sending in cash to hundreds of families who weren’t going through a good time- as they constantly had to deal with the high rates of inflation and severe economic issues. 

Missouri To Issue $500 Stimulus Check Payments

The stimulus check bill that was brought before Congress was calling for the state to spend close to $5 million in funds that would be issued by the federal pandemic stimulus package. They have also urged the federal government to send $500 monthly payments to around 440 families for the next year and a half. The idea would be for the program to get approved- and as it turns out, this could be happening until 2024. 

Although the stimulus check program has not yet been approved, a green light could imply that the people who would qualify would be from the low-income threshold, and are parents or guardians of children in public city schools. This would also be a great chance for the city to ensure that working parents receive support for themselves, as well as their children. The plan is also to reduce gender and racial inequality in this city. Now, if the city does invest in school children and their families, it would imply that they are investing in the future of the city.