Elizabeth Hurley Stated That Working With Matthew Perry Was A Nightmare

elizabeth hurley
elizabeth hurley

Elizabeth Hurley, renowned English actor, and model mentions that it was like a nightmare to work with popular star Matthew Perry when he was dealing with his drug addiction.

Elizabeth, 57 stated that she carries memories about his co-star from “Serving Sara” Matthew Perry whom she is very fond of but also mentioned the fact that they did not always get along with each other on very good terms.

The film “Serving Sara” starring Elizabeth Hurley and Matthew Perry was shut down as the film was not completely shot. Elizabeth mentioned with utmost honesty that it was almost a nightmare to work with Matthew Perry, the star of the popular American TV Series “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”. Matthew during the time of the shooting of the film was badly addicted to drugs and alcohol, and Matthew’s addiction was the reason behind the film being shut down. 

Elizabeth Hurley Mentioned That It Was Rough To Work With Perry Due To His Addiction 

Elizabeth said that she could totally understand that Matthew Perry was suffering from his drug addiction issues. She stated that although they could not get along previously, it was later fabulous to work with him after he returned from his rehabilitation after about 2 months.

Matthew Perry has been deeply loved and celebrated for his role as Chandler Bing in the American show “Friends”. Elizabeth Hurley stated that Perry was a lovely person to work with and was very charming indeed.

Matthew Perry has been vocal about his struggles and tough times in his recent interviews. He mentioned about him going into rehabilitation a number of times. Since last year Perry has been completely sober. He has recently come out of the tough time of his life a few months before the reunion of the TV show Friends.