Ellen Pompeo Has Teased That She Isn’t Going To Immediately Leave Grey’s Anatomy

Ellen Pompeo

While Meredith Grey seems to have left Grey Sloane Memorial, she could be visiting Seattle in the near future. The 53-year-old Ellen Pompeo, who is currently serving as the executive producer of the series after her character said goodbye in season 19 earlier this year.

However, in the recent Variety’s Actors on Actors series, the actress told her former costar Katherine Heigl that she would be open to making a return as Meredith down the line. Pompeo stated that she could be making a few appearances next year if she managed to find some time. It wasn’t, in any way, a complete goodbye. And she also had a really interesting story to tell.”

Ellen Pompeo Talks About Grey’s Anatomy- Possibility Of Making A Return

First, Ellen Pompeo will be filming a Hulu series titled The Orphan. She stated that this would be quite an exciting role to play for the actor. She hadn’t played any other character in 18 years, which was quite crazy. But, she is ready to take on this new challenge, as she feels she has been on the show for far too long. Pompeo stated that she was more than happy to let Meredith Grey go- as she was past that point. They had to stop the actor from constantly making bad decisions. 

Ellen Pompeo, the mother of three, also cited her relationship with Nick Marsh, as one of the major frustrations for her with the show. She mentioned that she felt so happy to be able to step away from the show and feel that she had accomplished something incredible. It had turned into a global phenomenon, that anywhere she went, people would just run up to her and tell her how much they loved her. Katherine Heigl, who had played the role of Dr. Izzie Stevens, for the first six seasons of the show, also left the series in 2010 but stated that she still received recognition for the character- somewhat.