Ellie Goulding Declares Herself Fine After Being Struck By A Fire Cracker Amid Performance

Ellie Goulding

After it appeared like a firework struck Ellie Goulding in her face while she was singing, the singer informed her fans that she was doing alright. Last weekend, as Elle Goulding was performing “Miracle” at the Victorious Festival in England, an apparent firework shot into her face. The “Burn” singer was able to finish her act, but in a fan-shot video published to social media by a user she could be seen shouting while holding her face.

In an Instagram Story this Wednesday, who has a 2-year-old son named Arthur with Caspar Jopling, an art dealer, assured followers that she has been feeling okay following the event. Ellie Goulding wrote via Instagram addressing those enquiring that she was fine and that the fireworks did not harm her face. She also added that she appreciated all the concern. 

Ellie Goulding’s Recent Incident On-Stage Brings Out Several Others 

Ellie Goulding’s episode follows other musicians Drake, Bebe Rexha, Kelsea Ballerini, Kid Cudi, Steve Lacy, and Pink who all experienced similar onstage incidents. Harry Styles, a fellow Brit who was playing in Vienna around July, was similarly struck in his face by a flying item. The “Adore You” singer has also been struck by items such as a tampon, Skittles, a bouquet, and even chicken nuggets while performing on his Love on Tour.

Ellie Goulding revealed to the media in April that she had previously struggled with anxiety and had gone through many turmoils in terms of her mental health after giving birth to Arthur around April 2021. She said that it felt like her body would play tricks with her and she felt like screaming out loud. She even mentioned that being around her son Arthur helps her calm down. Adding further that she had no option but to prioritize herself and her job as a mother at the top of her list.