Emily Ratajkowski Claims Divorce Among Women Before The Age Of 30 Was “Chic”

Emily Ratajkowski

For young, recently divorced women, Emily Ratajkowski has given a congratulatory message. The model, 32, who split from her husband of four years, Sebastian McClard, last year, used TikTok this Wednesday to impart some relationship advice to her female admirers.

Ratajkowski started the TikTok with that it seemed many women below thirty have been getting divorcedand she published it the day post 34-year-old Joe Jonas, and 27-year-old Sophie Turner, announced their separation. She said that she believes there is nothing better, especially coming from someone who married in her late 20s and divorced in early 30s. She further added that the 20s were like trenches.

Might Emily Ratajkowski’s Comments Be About Sophie Turner’s Divorce?

The Lying And Stealing actress said that there was nothing better than being in one’s 30s and continuing to look stunning and independent and continue to figuring life out and growing up along the way. The rest of your life was still before you, she said. The model addressed viewers of the last segment of the film who are presently “feeling stressed” over “being divorced.” “It’s good,” she said in conclusion before ending the clip by congratulating. 

Emily Ratajkowski changed the adjective “good” in the title of the clip to “chic,” writing that she felt that being divorced by 30 was quite chic. The model’s opinions were reflected in the most popular comments on the clip. One person chimed in, “So true,” adding to Emily Ratajkowski’s list of advantages of being alone in your 30s that “you know who you are” at that age. One reader exclaimed, “Pure happiness comes from this!” while another said they “don’t recommend marriage before 32.” A different commenter made light of the fact that they stayed single by skipping the part of getting hitched.