Encounter Between Jack Harlow And Saweetie Sparks Online Memes!

Jack Harlow
Jack Harlow

The flirtatious and interactive encounter between Jack Harlow and Saweetie at the BET awards sparks online memes! The viewers still can’t get over the incident. On Twitter, the two celebrities were trending. 

Shade Room Video Featuring Jack Harlow And Saweetie Went Viral!

At the end of the ceremony, Jack Harlow shot his shot alongside the rapper. The viewers couldn’t control their excitement after that. Harlow is the songwriter and rapper of the song “What’s Poppin”. As Saweetie was giving her interview Harlow approached the rapper of “My Type”. The 27-year-old rapper was held by her hand by Jack Harlow. Harlow introduced himself before her by proclaiming that he is Jack. His introduction was met by “I know”. Then Harlow added how the rapper of “My Type” doesn’t like to get caught off guard. Saweetie however asked him why Jack was shaking. Thereby, Harlow denied and said that nobody was shaking and then walked off. 

The viewers were puzzled about which person was the nervous person inside the equation. Saweetie, who is related to Gabrielle Union and MC Hammer, has changed her name. Her real name was Valentin Harper. Saweetie also used to date Migos’ Quavo. Addison Rae, TikTok star, is linked to Jack Harlow.

This video of these two celebrities interacting flirtatiously before the camera was originally posted by a channel called Shade Room. When asked about the interactive encounter, Harlow just said that he went over to say hello. Afterward, he described himself as a nice person who gives off a very friendly vibe. The footage of Shade Room went viral. The video also gathered several reactions from fans speculating the possibility of romance in their interactive encounter.