Epic Games Recently Raised $2 Billion Funding For Metaverse

Epic Games
Epic Games

Epic Games is the makers of the huge fan following game, Fortnite, which recently collected $2 billion funds at an epic valuation of $31.5 billion. The funding round was guided and headed by the holding of Lego Group and Sony company, Kirkbi. The collected funds will be used for the scaling of Metaverse plans of Epic Games. 

Epic Games Funding Round Was Led By Kirkbi And It Was A Huge Success

Tim Sweeney, the founder, and chief executive officer shared that the money from this fund will be used to develop an area which will be given to the players and their friends for having fun there. Moreover, interested brands can construct an immersive and creative experience for the players and the developers can create a beautiful community for people to enjoy and thrive. 

There is a rumor that an NFT or crypto link might not be present, however, Epic Games is also the creator of Unreal Engine which has become one of the most famous and regarded game engines. Unreal Engine 5, the latest version can facilitate the formation of P2E games that are based on NFT and offers a very powerful signal that the company is observing the sector. 

Mastercard the giant of multinational payments, has recently filed a total of 15 applications for Metaverse and NFT trademarks. This is a move that made Mastercard be in the same group as its competitors, American Express and Visa who had already done this in the past. 

The relevant applications include virtual reality communities and events, payment of Mastercard with the processing in the Metaverse, and digital commodities in the digital marketplace.  Moreover, Mastercard is also planning to put a trademark on its slogan of ‘Priceless’ through tokenized audio, video, and text. 

There is a chance of another filing that will outline the specific intention of branding Mastercard and put its name on deals of sponsorship for the sporting events, festivals, and concerts, and all of them are based on Metaverse.